Recessed Flangeless Mud-in 0605
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For Designers who want a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic ESSENCE Recessed Flangeless Mud-In 0605 delivers a seamless line of uniform light in drywall ceilings and walls. ESSENCE 1-step binning makes it ideal for commercial, residential, and hospitality applications where long runs of color-consistent light are required. Create run lengths up to 100 feet with pixel-free illumination.

    Clean Aesthetic with Minimal Shadowing
  • Once installed, the channel is concealed and only the lens is visible
  • Tight LED pitch (Static White. 72 LEDs/ft. Warm Dim. 52 LEDs/ft)
  • Black and White Lenses eliminates pixilation for Static White
  • Ease of Specifying and Installation
  • Installs into 1/2" drywall without stud/joist modification
  • Suitable for ceiling or wall mount. perpendicular or parallel with the studs/joists
  • Factory Assembled and Field Assembled options are available
  • Fixtures are available in 1-in increments up to 50 ft of illuminated length
  • For applications requiring longer runs up to 100 ft of illuminated length, specify two fixtures and install the Access Boxes at the ends of the run
  • Fixtures longer than 8 ft contain multiple segments that are joined in the field
  • Application Versatility
  • Standard Reverse-phase, Forward-phase, and TRIAC dimming down to 0.2%, Lutron Hi-lume Ecosystem down to 0.1%, and eldoLED 0-10V down to 0.1%
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